Archbishop Leonard P. Blair Celebrates Mass for Pilgrims

Mass for March for Life


Early in the morning on January 26, almost 150 pilgrims traveled in three large buses to Washington, DC to participate in the 2017 March for Life. The journey included the Rosary, Morning Prayer and a movie, My All-American. That evening the pilgrims attended the Vigil Mass for the March for Life at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

The following morning, Archbishop Leonard P. Blair celebrated Mass at the hotel where the pilgrims stayed; six priests concelebrated. In his homily, Archbishop Blair spoke of the depth and mystery of all creation and how limited our understanding of it truly is. The thought of living for eternity, he admitted, can even be somewhat frightening to him; yet, it is not to be feared as we know that Jesus will be our guide in this journey into eternity.

The Archbishop continued by saying that we live in a world of sin and darkness where abortion is legal and accepted but we must be firm and stalwart in our conviction to defend human life even when it is unpopular and difficult. He thanked all the pilgrims who came to the March for Life and all who dedicate themselves to
the pro-life movement in so many ways.

Following Mass, there was a breakfast and guest speaker, Elise Italiano. Ms. Italiano gave her audience concrete ideas on how to effectively communicate the pro-life message. In today’s world, demonizing opponents is more common than having civil discourse. She stressed that demonizing others goes nowhere in the conversion of
of opponents. Rather, speaking respectfully with understanding and love is far more convincing. She gave ten bullet points on how to achieve better results in promoting the pro-life message.

One powerful quote from Ms. Italiano, “Hurt people hurt other people” is so true: we have all witnessed this action and may be guilty of it. But, to be effective our message must be one of kindness, compassion, love and support.

The hundreds of thousands who march for life, mostly youth, are an inspiration and sign of the deep commitment many Americans have to reaffirming the dignity of human life. With a new president and new members of Congress, let’s make our presence and message very clear: we respect all unborn human life.

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